High Quality Professional Content Writing Service Provider In Kolkata

Hire Best Content Writing Company Kolkata At An Affordable Rate

Are you looking to hire the best content writing company Kolkata at an affordable rate, well then, you have come to the right place my friend, at www.abhicontentwriter.com we provide high quality SEO content writing services or all genres of high-quality content writing services Kolkata for our clients. 

High quality content writing service provider kolkata
High quality content writing service provider kolkata

With the significant updates to Google’s algorithm, it is evident that high-quality content writing is one of the most important parts of your website to rank higher in the Google search engine.

Hire best content writing service in Kolkata today

Best content writing company in kolkata
Best content writing company in kolkata

We have been in the field of content writing since last 7 years now, and the best part of our content writing service Kolkata is, we can write on just about anything you have in mind, right from the niches such as Technical Writing, Guest posting, Product reviews and product descriptions, SEO contents or articles, general blog content on any niche and many more.

Cheap content writers in kolkata
Cheap content writers in kolkata

Hence you can easily understand if you were looking for reliable content writing service in Kolkata then Abhi content writer should just be your final destination for all your requirements due to his excellent track record in Google reviews or Just Dial reviews. With his long list of satisfied clients, you can be sure about the honest approach in your projects to make sure you get your work is done within the given deadline day in and day out.

SEO content writing service provider kolkata
SEO content writing service provider kolkata

Choose high-quality freelance content writers Kolkata

If you are someone who is looking for high-quality freelance content writers in Kolkata, then you don’t have to look further since you have Abhi content writer to take care all your problems within the specified time limit. 

Content writing company kolkata contact details
Content writing company kolkata contact details

We always consider ourselves lucky to be able to serve our clients to the best of our abilities while working on his content writing projects.

Our most important features for content writing services Kolkata

Experienced content writing company kolkata
Experienced content writing company kolkata

When it comes to features, then our SEO content writing services or other content writing services in Kolkata have the following functions for the clients.

  1. Engaging for the readers so that more and more people would like to read our content.
  2. 100 percent copy scape passed.
  3. Interesting regarding information for the eight years old or even an 80 years old person.
  4. High quality, easy to read, authentic information will be embedded with the contents.
  5. To the point approach will be there, as we actually believe that we provide the best content writing service in Kolkata today.

Content writing samples by content writing service provider kolkata
Content writing samples by content writing service provider kolkata

We make sure we always understand our client requirements first before we proceed with our writing so that you don’t have to worry about the mistakes.

Contact us

Contact details content writing service provider kolkata
Contact details content writing service provider kolkata

If you are reading this article, which is about high quality content writing service in Kolkata, then am sure you would like to have a word with us. Well then, this section will be crucial for you as am giving away the name of best content writing company in Kolkata as Abhi content writer.

 Best content writing company kolkata
Best content writing company Kolkata

If you are trying to contact Abhi content writer, then call @ +91-9163224466 or you can send WhatsApp @ +91-8981314997. Or if you are an active Skype user, then visit us at Skype ID – abhishek805. Or you can even get a free quote on your projects if you send the email at abhi.cws@gmail.com.

If you are wondering what our clients say about us, well then these pictures can be one of the best answers that you may get.

Content writing company review
Content writing company review
Content writing company review
Content writing company positive review


High Quality SEO Content Writing Service In Kolkata By Abhi Content Writer

If you are looking for high quality SEO content writing service provider Kolkata then you have come to the right place my friend. According to the various reports, SEO articles are a great way to get more traffic, increase rankings and most importantly get one way links. If you are still wondering what SEO articles are, read ahead. SEO articles are nothing but informative articles on any topic related to your website. The unique aspect of these articles is that they have keywords in them. Now using keywords is also a specialized skill. If the writer uses the keywords sacrificing the tone of the article, it won't be considered as a good SEOcontent article. Only a good SEO article writer knows how to do this in the best way.

SEO content writing service kolkata
SEO content writing service kolkata

Our writers are well qualified, experienced and trained. They know everything about using the right keywords in the right way, using suitable call to action and well-researched information. Well-written SEO articles are always in demand by SEO experts and Link building specialists due to numerous SEO advantages.
Increase web presence with SEO articles

Content Writing services kolkata
Content Writing services kolkata

SEO articles are an ideal way to do content publicity and they are very powerful when it comes to increasing PageRank and driving traffic. When published on article directories, they not only enhance your website's visibility, but also help in increasing credibility. We have been writing SEO articles for our clients on various themes and industries.

Buy SEO Articles at Low Prices

Buy seo articles in kolkata
Buy seo articles in kolkata

If you need bulk SEO articles on a weekly or monthly basis, we can do that as well for you. We have a large team of proficient content writers and reviewers who have years of experience. We have a team of content editors who ensure quality. Our self-motivated team allows us to complete bulk article writing assignments on time.

Think You're Cut Out For Doing Keyword Research

"Keyword analysis is one amongst the foremost vital, valuable, and high come activities within the search promoting field. Ranking for the correct keywords will create or break your website.” As Rand mentioned in his Moz Blog.

By researching your market's keyword demand, you'll not solely learn that terms and phrases to focus on with SEO, however conjointly learn additional regarding your customers as an entire. The quality of this intelligence cannot be overstated; with keyword analysis, you'll predict shifts in demand, answer dynamical market conditions, and manufacture the product, services, and content that net searchers are actively seeking.

Why Competitors Keyword Research is Important

Some Marketers think it is best to get on with their plans and ignore the competition. Others become obsessed with tracking the actions of competitors. Many Marketers are happy only to follow the competition, copying their moves and reacting to changes.

Competitor analysis has several important roles in strategic planning: 

To help management understand their competitive advantages/disadvantages about competitors.
2- To generate the understanding of competitors’ past, present (and most importantly) future strategy.

What The best Tool for Keyword Research:

1- Google Adwords: There are tons of tools in the market, and some are freemium and some are free, and rest is paid tools. I am using Google Adwords as every marketer aware of it and its give the very Close result to Google search. There is no doubt that ad words are best free tool available in the market.

2- SERP stats:  Serpstats is the best freemium tool that I find for keyword research. I used this tool and found some excellent feature of this tool. SERP stats provide very close data to search for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others search engine. I am going to describe this tool in detail. Take a look at this instrument features.

seo technical content writer kolkata
Serpstat is not only the single tool feature tool it has lot of stuff that you can check in this unique tool.

SERPstat Feature Tool List

I always used to find my keywords through AdWords but I have to handle so many websites so I decided to take paid keywords Research tool and save my time with the exact relevancy of the keywords according to the Geo. Means if you have the local business in the USA then with the help of this tool you can find your competitors list, what keywords they are using and where they are in ranking for the particular keyword. Let me describe one by one feature of Serpstat tool.

Let’s take an example of niche. If I choose the keyword SEO Company then what this tool will show you.

technical content writer kolkata

You will get the overview of a particular keyword. At the top of you, can see that how much the search volume for a particular keyword, competition, and CPC.

Competitors In Organic Search:

cheap technical content writer kolkata

Competitors Graph: In this tool, you can check data in chart format. It’s easy to understand where you have to work out.

seo technical content service of kolkata

Competitor’s Ads: This tool also shows that how many ads are there in all search engine as well as another freelancing platform like freelance, up work, Google, etc.

high quality technical content service of kolkata

Ads Example:  The best thing about this tool that you can see that how previously people design their ads.

cheap technical content service of kolkata

2- Keyword Research: In this tool when you put a single keyword, It will provide tons and every possible keyword with volume search, CPC, Volume of last months and competition, result and social domain for the keyword. You get something result like this. And with the advance option and save the time you can also export this table in Microsoft office Excel, Pdf, txt format and you can also share this on Google Drive.

technical content service kolkata

3- Cluster Result: Group your phrases further and cluster them by common attributes. By “clustering” keywords, I mean grouping the keywords into logical groups, such that the work towards one will positively impact the results of another. So in this tool, you can get the cluster option. It also shows connection strength of this keyword.

seo content service kolkata

4-Search Suggestion: This tool shows you some advanced searches of particular keywords and the best part of this tool you can also find the question that people were looking through their searches. So this will help you to get the idea that what user is looking for.

You can also use a try a tool that provides you the public question. But as I used this tool it gives very slightly match of the question. But yes it is helpful if you were looking for some free suggestion.
seo content service kolkata

5- Top Pages: This fantastic tool shows top keywords that are ranked in Google and another search engine. Indirectly you can find your competitors list and for which particular keywords they are ranked in search engine. So it’s very helpful that you do not go here and there to check your competitors that for which keywords they are listed in organic searches. And this tool also shows you how many Facebook shares and how much the potential traffic they have.

Competitors list: This tool almost gives the same result as top pages already give. But sometimes it changed depends on your keyword query.

best cheap technical content writer klkata

PPC Keyword Research: This tool is fabulous if you are trying to set your PPC campaign. This tool gives you the exact keyword list and bidding idea for particular keywords. They will show you the volume of keywords, their CPC, competition, and advert option.

high quality techinal content writer kolkata

PPC competitors list: This tool also help you to find out your PPC competitor data and what keywords they used in their campaign and how much the bid of the particular keyword. So you have not to worry about to go any other tool for this research. And No any tool provide you this PPC campaign data, and this tool also provides you that how many queries this campaign have through this PPC ads.

seo technical content writer kolkata

Ad Research Option: I do not know why I cannot stop me myself to say that its amazing tool. When I started using this tool, my girlfriend irritates with me because I told her every time that this tool is fantastic and no one can beat it. It’s one stop solution for your SEO factors.

best technical content writer kolkata
So above you see that you can see how the previous ads are designed, and now you know what your next step towards PPC campaign.

Content Marketing: See the picture and you will get the idea that what I want to tell you? Why you need this tool. Hope you can now understand this tool value. During using this tool, I had seen the amazing result on my website. This tool gives you keywords list so these keywords you can use in your content marketing strategy. With the help of this tool, you can get the content marketing question that people search in Search engines.

best quality content service kolkata

SERP Analysis for keyword: This tool provides the SERP data for your keyword query.

cheap seo content service kolkata

Position Changes: This tool provides you the competitor’s position for the particular keyword. So you can keep an eye what changes are there in their ranking after a period.
So In one line this tool this one stop solutions for Keyword Research, Competitors analysis, SERP analysis, position analysis tool, content marketing keywords analysis tool, etc. If You would like to use this tool for free, just mail me at vipin192@gmail.com or click here.

About the Author

Technical SEO/Natural Search & Online Marketing Manager based in New Delhi. I have extensive experience in helping deliver high search solutions to brands of all sizes including consultations to FMCG brands around the globe. Drop me a mail at vipin@digipanda.in or find me on Twitter - @TheVipinDivakar

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Let’s Unite Together with P.U.R.E and Experience the Purelyfe!

Welcome to P.U.R.E Xperience inc., a lifestyle brand that unites people across the globe with a strong determination in giving back to our local and national charities. Our organization was established in 2013, since then we are focused on our goal to unite worldwide people. We represent a brand that concentrates on Electronic Dance Music movement as we feel music unites everyone.
Cheap content service kolkakata

To present our vision, we created a clothing line which stands for P.U.R.E, which talks about our goal to bring all people together. When someone wears P.U.R.E, they represent our visions, our goals and thoughts of unity, they represent PureLyfe style. Unity is something which is extremely simple yet people tend have forgotten that now a day.

We believe music is the universal language that connects people with each other, we believe in being P.U.R.E i.e. People. Unite. Respect. Eachother. We plan to bring the change, a change that will make people together, stop them to fight with each other and teach them to fight together to bring the change and make our mother earth a better place to live in.

content writing service kolkata
PureLyfe style

We present PureLyfe, we believe in giving back, respecting each other and helping whatever we can whenever we can, irrespective of geographical location, irrespective of color, sex, age, language. We are a movement, a movement to change the world, a movement to bring back the lost respect among people. We believe we are all one! So let’s unite together and live the PureLyfe!

Top 5 Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmers for Tall Hedges

Long Reach Hedge Trimmers can help your long and wide hedges to stay in proper shape. They are known to be experts in maintaining long hedges, shrubs and grasses that make your garden look dirty and not maintained. There are a variety of long reach hedge trimmers that you can try out from and can help you to maintain your tall hedges in a perfect way. They are affordable and of the best quality as well.

Earthwise Pole Hedge Trimmer 

The Earthwise CVPH41018 Pole Hedge Trimmer is a great gardening tool and the best long reach hedge trimmer that can help in trimming your hedges in a perfect way. It comprises of two tools in one. The pole hedge trimmer is required for pruning and trimming taller shrubs as well as plants and grass.
kolkata's best content service
     Earthwise Pole Hedge Trimmer 

This can also convert it self to a handheld 18 inches cutting blade hedge trimmer with the click of a small button. It is ideal to keep your hedges in shape. They are best for cutting long hedges that are usually out of normal reach.The charging indicator helps you to understand when it has been charged.

    Two in one- the electric hedge trimmer has a two in one hedge trimmer and a pole trimmer that helps to cut all sorts of long hedges, shrubs and grass.
    18 inch blade and rotater - the 18 inch blade along with a 6 position rotating head helps in maximum cutting width. The blade has a blade cover and aluminium blade support as well.

·      Lightweight- The equipment is made of lightweight fiberglass pole that makes it easy to carry and use for long periods of time while gardening.

Pros and Cons

·      Two in one- the two in one hedge helps in easy pruning of hedges as well as cutting and trimming long plants and shrubs.

·      Can be converted with a click – The blade can be converted to a handheld 18 inches cutting blade hedge trimmer with the click of a button.

·      Can be used at home- This machine is perfect to be used at home by you and it helps save money as well and has no fumes or mess.

As per customer reviews, this machine is very heavy as it comprises of a two in one feature. Thus is becomes tiring to handle after some time.

Black & Decker LPHT120 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

The product Black & Decker LPHT120  cordless trimmer is really one of the best when it comes to reaching towards the difficult places. It has a pivoting head which is about 180 degree that can adjust and lock itself in five different kinds of position according to the users requirements. They are also available at an affordable price.
content writing kolkata
Black & Decker LPHT120 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

     It provides dual cutting options for the users - Comprises of a dual action cutting blade with a capacity of cutting 7/16 inches. The best part is the product is very easy to use and you can easily store this anywhere you wish due to the light weight feature. So the light weight and dual cutting option is a great feature for the users to opt for it.

·      Long battery life- Another great feature is its Lithium battery which is of high power and helps the users to use the battery for a long time, which is what every customers look for in a good product.

·      Dual blade of 18 inch-  when you are buying the product, you will get 18 inch dual blade that can really helps you in cutting things faster than ever and on top of that it offer about 40 percent less vibration which just remarkable for the user’s point of view

Pros and Cons

·      Lightweight- when you are buying a product the first thing you will check out is the weight and this product weighs only about 7.7 pounds, quite light to use, is not it? This light weight factor has always keep it among one of the most popular ones in the market.

·       Safety lock- the safety lock helps the users to be in the safer side and make sure that it prevents all accidental risks and make sure the user is safe while using it.

·       Starts instantly- who does not want their product to start quickly, in fact the benefit of the product would be it can start right away as soon as you pull the trigger off.

As per customer comments, the trimmer head is heavier than its tail, so if you lift at a more than 60 degree angle, you would get tired. Apart from that, it has limited features compared to all the other machines.

GARDENA 8882-U Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

The GARDENA 8882-U Telescopic Hedge Trimmer is well-matched for easy and comfortable cutting of high hedges from a standing position on the ground. The electronic trimmer has a telescopic unit that can easily be extended up to 6.5ft to 9.8ft.  These telescopic hedge trimmers also comprise of a head that canbe tilted  that allows to cut high hedge tops as well as ground covers.
seo content service kolkata
GARDENA 8882-U Telescopic Hedge Trimmer


·      Rotatable by 90 degrees- You can easily stand in a 90 degree angle in an ideal cutting position next to the hedge and you would not even have to change the position of the hands with this long arm trimmer.

·      Precision blades- Precision blades offer an efficient, cleaner and faster cut.

·      Comprises of blade protector –The blade protector at the end of the blade protects the user and also protects the blade from getting damaged in the rain.

Pros and cons

·      Good battery life- The battery life is good and durable and can help you in gardening for hours. It has a quick recharge capacity as well
       Easy to reach unreachable corners- The long trimmers help to reach out to the corners which cannot be reached.
      Light weight- The lightweight of the equipment makes it easy to use. According to customers, the top of the extending hedge cutter is a little bit heavy and it tends to tire out hands while using.

Green Works 22342 G-MAX

The Green Works 22342 G-MAX is a lithium ion cordless extended reach hedge trimmer is a sturdy and powerful grass trimmer that comprises of a 20 inch dual action blade that has a capacity to cut up to 5/8 inches and various pivot heads that can shift in different positions and different angles which makes cutting hedges, easier and quicker. It also comprises of a telescoping shaft that can extend up to 6.5 ft.
content service in kolkata
          Green Works 22342 G-MAX


·      20 inch steel blade- the trimmer comprises of a 20 inch dual action steel blade that has been designed for optimal performance as well as durability. It has a powerful capacity to trim hedges and bushes without the need of any other tool.

·      3 pivotal heads- It has 3 multiple pivotal heads that can help in adjusting the blade at all angles during trimming the bushes for a clean look.

·      Telescoping shaft- Comprises of a telescoping shaft that can extend up to 6.5 feet. The extendable hedge trimmer is simple to use for all.

Pros and Cons

Has a long reach- This extendable hedge cutter can reach up to long heights and also comprises of a long hedge trimmer head that can tilt itself to 45 degrees for cutting top of trees.

 Easy assembling- The tool can be easily assembled before using and then again un-assembled for putting back.

Durable and light weight- The equipment is durable and lightweight and designed to work in the garden for long hours.

This particular model can only run with the help of Green Works G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery Models 29462, 29472 and Charger 29482.Battery and charger needs to be purchased separately.

Husqvarna Power Hedge Trimmer with Extendable Blade

The Husqvarna Power Hedge Trimmer with Extendable Blade helps you to reach out to the most difficult places and cleans perfectly. It has been designed to offer comfort, versatility and support to gardeners and makes work less tedious. It is for low as well as tall hedges.
good quality content service kolkata
Husqvarna Power Hedge Trimmer with Extendable Blade

     Adjustable cutting bar- Comprises of an adjustable cutting bar that is smooth, efficient and better in action. It can also fold back the extendable hedge cutter bar and is easy to store.
    Smart start button- Comprises of smart stop, auto return stop switch, fuel petrol pump and low vibrations. The Engine can thus start immediately. Comprises of a 245cc, 12hp engine with a 21.7 inch knife that can easily be extended up to 67 inches.

Pros and Cons

Powerful, precise and efficient- the engines of this equipment are powerful and efficient as well.

Low vibration- Low vibration in the engine makes it easy to be used in residential areas

·      Double sided trimmer- Double sided gas powered trimmer helps to provide flexibility while trimming plants and tall hedges.

As per many customer testimonials, it is very difficult to use and becomes tiring very soon. The battery is also very difficult to use for charging.

These are the top 5 best long reach hedge cutter trimmer that is available in different colors and affordable prices. They are available in all retail stores as well as in the internet sites. Purchase the one that suits your requirements.
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